I know... there is nothing original about my name, but all of my photographs are!

I have been taking photographs since a young child, taking my first job just to pay for film and developing.

As is true with most people, I always wished I had "learned more" and "started sooner" but you can never go back - just forward.

I am lucky enough to live in a magnificent place that abounds with wildlife and beautiful scenery all year long.

My love has always been with cats - especially siamese (we have 8!) - but I love animals of all kinds.

With our Epson 9900 printer, we can print up to 44" wide by however long, and can print on a variety of papers (matt, gloss, luster, canvas).

All photographs are for sale. Please give me a call or email for pricing. We can print any size to meet your needs.

Hope you enjoy my photographs!