Photos by Marsha "Elk"

#7649 "Here's Lookin' at You!" #7635 "Statue of an Elk"
Primal Elk Welcome to the Stanley
#5993 "Primal Elk"
This is probably my most favorite picture and most popular to date. This was taken up in RMNP during the fall elk mating season. It was juried and accepted into Art Center of Estes Park 2009 Lines Into Shapes.
#7794 "Welcome to the Stanley Elk"
With the beautiful, historic Stanley Hotel in the background, this bull was settling down to have some lunch.
Lunch Time Bull Elk Bugling
#7830 "Lunchtime"
Time to eat!
#4241 "Elk on the Golf Course"
Elk strolling on the Estes Park 9 Hole Golf Course
What's for Dessert? Elk Siesta
#5971 "What's for Dessert?"
This guy was looking at me like he wanted to eat me next!
#7821 "Elk Siesta"
He was getting a bit snoozy after his lunch.

Snoozin' High in the Rockies
Here's Looking at You!
#4027 "Snoozin' High in the Rockies"
Taken on Trail Ridge Road 7/3/10
Long's Peak in the Background
#4037 "Here's Looking at You!"
Taken on Trail Ridge Road 7/3/10

Cooling Off
#9730 "Cooling Off"
Elk in rut cooling off in Lake Estes
#3999 "Looking Back"
Taken on Trail Ridge Road 7/3/10
Crazy Elk Elk at Lake
#9762 "Crazy Elk"
Elk having fun in the lake
#3280 "Elk at Lake"
Another elk in the lake during rut
Frolicking Elk in the Lake Holiday Elk
#9760 "Frolicking Elk in the Lake" #6033 "Holiday Elk"
A popular photo for the holiday season. The holly is actually crab apples!
Sleepy Head Sleepy Head - Take Two
#4050 "Sleepy Head" #4021 "Sleep Head - Take Two"